# ioBroker

This adapter allows you to send screen to the PixelIt from ioBroker. It queries the optional sensors of PixelIt , and the API of the Pixel Gallery is also implemented in the adapter.

# Basic settings

  • IP address: IP address of the PixelIt.

# Data points

  • brightness:
    • Here the brightness is specified in percent from 0 - 100.
  • brightness_255:
    • Here the brightness is specified in steps from 0 - 255.
  • ext_message:
    • Here you can pass a complex screen in the form of a JSON from this build.
    • Only commands from the endpoint /api/screen are accepted!
  • message:
    • Here you can easily pass a simple screen.
    • The structure looks like this Miau!;255,255,255;387.
  • show_clock:
    • Shows the clock screen.
  • sleep_mode: