# Hardware

# Parts list

# Minimal setup (Basis)

Quantity Name Link Notice
1 WS2812B LED Matrix 8x32 Amazon (opens new window)
4 WS2812B LED Matrix CJMCU 8x8 Amazon (opens new window) alternative
4 MicroMatrix by foorschtbar 8x8 GitHub (opens new window) alternative (really micro)
1 Wemos D1 Mini (or Clone) Amazon (opens new window)
1 Capacitor 1000uF/6.3V or higher Amazon (opens new window)


If you reduce the brightness of the matrix, powering everything via USB should be sufficient for testing. However, it is recommended to use a high-quality power supply for normal operation. A 20W (5V/4A) power supply is sufficient for this.


The 1000uF capacitor prevents the initial onrush of current from damaging the pixels. It also provides a small power reservoir for abrupt changes in brightness that the power source might not otherwise handle. Otherwise it can happen that the microcontroller restarts or it comes to gliches in the matrix.

# LDR GL5516 Sensor upgrade (brightness lux)

Quantity Name Link
1 LDR GL5516 Amazon (opens new window)
1 Widerstand 10k Ohm Amazon (opens new window)

# DHT22 Sensor upgrade (Temperature & Humidity)

Quantity Name Link
1 DHT22 AM2302 Amazon (opens new window)

# BME280 Sensor upgrade (Temperature, Humidity & Pressure)

Quantity Name Link
1 BME280 Amazon (opens new window)

# BME680 Sensor upgrade (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure & Gas)

Quantity Name Link
1 BME680 Amazon (opens new window)

# DFPlayer Mini upgrade (MP3 Player)

Quantity Name Link
1 DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Amazon (opens new window)

# 3D Printing Files

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Make sure to check out this discussion page for some inspiration (german).

# Troubleshooting

See Troubleshooting.